Events is a free-form service that allows you to create an event that can be made up of any number of contests or objectives that an individual or group of individuals can participate in. These contests can have a single winner or you can apply rankings based on the performance of the individuals in the contest. Individuals in a contest can be grouped to form teams. In this scenario, an entire team can be declared as the winner.

Entry to an event can require a payment via any SPL-token (USDC, $RAIN, ...), NFT, SFT, or Raindrops artifact(Item, Player). Upon entry to the event, participants can be granted an NFT to signify as their ticket. Holders of the event's entry NFT can then join contests, which may be free, require a specific type of entry NFT, and/or require an additional payment.

Each event can have an "unlimited" amount of prize pools that can be made up of SPL-tokens, NFTs, SFTs, and/or Raindrops artifacts. These prize pools can be distributed to the winners of contests and/or the winners of the entire event.

The entirety of the event is played out on-chain. When the event is declared finalized and all rewards have been distributed, the event data will remain as the permanent history of the outcomes during the event.

Given the highly free-form nature of the events service, we are first providing it's functionality via the opinionated Tournaments service. The Tournaments service is meant to define the typical structure of a competitive series of match based contests. We will be providing more opinionated event services over the coming months. Two other opinionated service examples are Campaigns, and Scavenger Hunts.

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