A Player in Raindrops is the primary primitive of the entire protocol. Just like Item, it follows a class-inheritance system and has permissions for different functionalities. Every PlayerClass represents a "blueprint" NFT that could be used to turn another NFT into a Player, and once done, that NFT gains certain privileges, such as:

  • The right to store items and other players in their internal backpack, removing those NFTs/SFTs from your wallet, making for easy transport across your wallets. Never worry about transporting your player + 10 pieces of equipment from hot wallet to hot wallet again!

  • The right to equip items on various body parts

  • The right to have body parts!

  • The right to have different attributes of different data types that can change over time from outside stimuli, all on chain

  • The right to use items on oneself or on others per recipes encoded on chain

The underlying PlayerClass for any Player has permissions for different functionalities that control what a holder may do, such as:

  • Equipping, adding, or using items

  • Updating one's stats

  • Building new Players

  • Staking

We’ll cover PlayerClass first, and then look at Player to see how they connect, and then move on to some Live Fire exercises.

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