The boot-up command line interface is used to prime your collection to be used with the Boots protocol.

We will take you through the following steps:

  1. Create Main Class

    When you build something, you need a blueprint. We will show you here how to create your blueprint on-chain to allow your project to be booted up.

  2. Create the Items Collection

    This step will establish the collection for your items. It establishes this collection of NFTs or SFTs to be able to be equipped on the NFTs of your collection.

  3. Create the Item Classes

    Each of the items that you want to equip on your NFTs will need to have its own blueprint. This step creates that for each of your booted items.

  4. Create Players

    This last step establishes the NFTs in your collection as Bootsified NFTs.

We will assume that you have an on-chain collection of NFTs, and assume you are familiar with using a command line interface (CLI) to execute commands on your operating system of choice.

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