Using Items

If an Item is in your backpack, and it has an ItemUsage in it's ItemClass that describes it as a Consumable, then your Player may use the item. Before going through a live example, let's walk through the theory.


When a Player uses an Item via use_item, it will do a CPI to begin_item_activation to the underlying item contract, wherein it will create a ItemActivationMarker PDA owned by the item contract.

However, this use_item call does not actually affect the Player. It just begins the usage. This may mean that the Item is now in a warmup period or it may simply just mean that the Item now has a PDA registering its "activated."

Either way, with this PDA in hand, the next step is to add the Item's effect to the Player using the add_item_effect call, wherein the ItemActivationMarker PDA will be destroyed through a CPI of end_item_activation to the underlying item contract. It will be exchanged for a PlayerItemActivationMarker PDA meant to keep track of information the player contract needs about what the Item is doing to the player throughout the lifecycle of the Item's use.

pub struct PlayerItemActivationMarker {
    pub bump: u8,
    pub player: Pubkey,
    pub item: Pubkey,
    pub usage_index: u16,
    pub basic_item_effects: Option<Vec<BasicItemEffect>>,
    pub removed_bie_bitmap: Option<Vec<u8>>,
    pub amount: u64,
    pub activated_at: u64,
    pub active_item_counter: u64,

After this, the final call in the lifecycle of using an Item is to subtract_item_effect which will remove the effect from the Player's stats. In cases where the Item has a duration, this subtraction may not be callable until some time in the future. In cases where the Item has no duration (like a Potion that adds 20 health immediately), this subtraction is a no-op that simply returns lamports to you and deletes the PDA.

Example Walkthrough


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