Equipping Items

Once an Item has been added to your backpack, if it has within it's list of acceptable ItemUsages the ability to be equipped, you can equip it using the methodology described here. First, let's create a JSON file like this:

  "playerMint": "edo3DzeqXsFzoaEhGHVn1GRCcFf4CWTaUSU4DDDVpJY",
  "playerClassMint": "GwB8ZtjDXYNR4iheuSS2uLa7EYC9J7b8yaRY9YmXXqUh",
  "equipItemPermissivenessToUse": { "tokenHolder": true },
  "classIndex": 3,
  "index": 3,
  "metadataUpdateAuthority": null,
  "items": [
      "itemClassMint": "7t5G3x4Zq5p2ZbAX8owcSi1tiLwLwYTDMJc1FmAYYpb7",
      "itemMint": "7t5G3x4Zq5p2ZbAX8owcSi1tiLwLwYTDMJc1FmAYYpb7",
      "itemIndex": 1,
      "amount": 1,
      "bodyPartIndex": 1,
      "itemUsageIndex": 0,
      "equipping": true

Here you can see that it's possible to equip multiple items using the CLI in a row, or unequip some and equip others, using the equipping boolean in each object entry of the items array. You'll also see that we are electing to equip this item at the BodyPart with index 1 and we're using the ItemUsage at index 0 of the ItemUsages array on the ItemClass of the Item.

You can figure out what values are at these indices by running show_player_class on the player-cli and show_item_class for the Item using the item-cli. Both will display the BodyParts and ItemUsages respectively and their indexes so that you can plug them in here.

Save this file and then run

player-cli toggle_equip_items -cp equipItems.json 
                              -k ~/key.json 
                              --log-level debug 
                              -e mainnet-beta

After this, if you run a show_player call, you'll see something like this:

--> Equipped Items:
----> Index: 1
----> Amount: 1
----> Pubkey: 3akMuc6LSg51cuZLmRas1tcmXSbz5pRa2axVnJXTErCq

Indicating that that item is now equipped on the BodyPart at index 1, through the Wearable ItemUsage at index 0 of the ItemUsages array of the ItemClass of this particular Item.

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