Quick Start

Install the CLI

To install the CLI at your global level and not tinker with the code directly, use:

npm install -g @raindrops-protocol/raindrops-cli
npm install -g ts-node

Commands can now be run using the raindrops-cli commands

items-cli show_item_class -k <keypair> --env devnet -cp example-configs/itemClass.json

Working in Developer Mode

If you want to work with the codebase to make updates and interact with the contracts you can clone the github repo and run yarn watch from the js folder or use ts-node to execute client scripts directly without transpiling typescript to javascript.

npm install -g ts-node
ts-node js/src/cli/item.ts show_item_class -k <keypair> --env devnet -cp js/example-configs/item/itemClass.json

Getting Help!

For the time being, as this is partially a Degeniverse product and partially an open source product, you can get help from the developers in the raindrops-protocol channel of the DTP discord: https://discord.gg/5yjMKVbC.

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