The Solana ecosystem has a fragmented and very customized way of storing in-game assets on chain, with as many different formats as there are play-2-earn games. However, the methods of storing ordinary NFT data are standardized in the Metaplex Protocol. The aim of Raindrops Protocol is to do the same thing for game assets.

The Raindrops Protocol is a series of five a la carte contracts that govern on-chain or proof-on-chain data specifically for games, allowing any player or item to be interchangeable with any game client that can process them.

Following the composability doctrine, the Raindrops Protocol lives literally on top of the Metaplex Protocol, further decorating existing NFTs with new metadata about whether they are a Player, an Item, or both! All contracts within the Protocol are designed to be composed with other Solana contracts enforcing game-specific rules.

Each contract was built to work together to form a complete protocol that satisfies the needs of blockchain-based games, when using raindrops you retain the choice to include just the parts you need to build your game.

The protocol source is available on GitHub:


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