Item Activation

Okay so you’ve defined your ItemClass, instantiated an Item, and now you want to use it. What does that mean? Well, with composability as a central tenet of this protocol, it means that the Item contract should only be responsible for validating that it is possible to use an Item, and then provide proof that you have decided to use the Item. It is then the responsibility of the enclosing contract to call the Item contract back to let it know that the Item has been used, and the activation period is over. Given the “price” of activation is paid up front, not calling back the Item contract simply means you cannot use this Item again until you do.

To activate an Item, you issue a begin_item_activation call with a JSON file like so:

  "itemMint": "DQKJRRHjyiS1DgDuMWtdD2Cy2nbLqEP86sQ8nnBQMv2w",
  "index": 10,
  "itemClassMint": "Hz5x6myaWWSKKzAhh2LHA5YmXExLiyTfj89S9zXyT17M",
  "classIndex": 10,
  "itemMarkerSpace": 37,
  "usagePermissivenessToUse": { "updateAuthority": true },
  "amount": 1,
  "usageIndex": 0,
  "originator": null,
  "metadataUpdateAuthority": "44kiGWWsSgdqPMvmqYgTS78Mx2BKCWzduATkfY4biU97"

itemMarkerSpace must have a value in the range of 20 to 66, inclusive

item-cli begin_item_activation \
         -k <keypair> \
         --env devnet \
         -cp example-configs/activateItem.json

This creates an ItemActivationMarker that acts as a kind of ticket that other programs can use as proof of use:

pub struct ItemActivationMarker {
    bump: u8,
    valid_for_use: bool,
    amount: Option<u64>,
    // In the case we need to reset root, we want to use
    // timestamp from original activation
    unix_timestamp: u64,
    proof_counter: Option<ItemActivationMarkerProofCounter>,

Note that if you used a validation key in the ItemUsage being provided, it will be called during this begin_item_activation stage. This allows you to hook into item use with custom feedback. It is up to your enclosing program to call the callback after the enactment. What accounts (writable or otherwise) that you send in a callback is up to you - validation has a preset format that must be followed.

You can provide this PDA address to any enclosing program and they can validate that the Item is valid for use (i.e. past it’s warmup state if one is specified) and how many of that item is being used (mostly going to be 1 but if it’s an SFT it could potentially be many).

Once your enclosing contract has “enacted” the changes the Item’s ItemClass describes, it can make a CPI call to end_item_activation, or you can use the CLI:

item-cli end_item_activation \
         -k <keypair> \
         --env devnet \
         -cp example-configs/activateItem.json

If your Item contains a warmup period, you may need to use this additional command after beginning item activation to push it into “valid_for_use” after the warmup duration:

item-cli update_valid_for_use_if_warmup_passed \
         -k ~/cope.json \
         --env devnet \
         -cp example-configs/activateItem.json

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